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Below you will find services that I offer if you are looking for something that is not listed please contact me and ask about it as this is not an 'ALL' inclusive list of spiritual services that I will do.
Before any service can be rendered I require some basic paperwork be filled out and sent to me, some of the information may or may not apply to the service you are seeking, but please do not leave any information blank, improperly filled out or blank paperwork can lead to lack of properly rendered services or no services at all. The forms can be downloaded by using the button below and then email them to, if you chose to print them and handwrite them please print legibly using blue or black ink ONLY as other colors do not translate well when uploaded, once you have filled them out please send them to as I do not have a fax for you to fax them in, you do not need to have a scanner in order to send the paperwork you can simply use the camera on your smart phone, please see the steps below.

Smart Phone Sending Instructions
1. Lay the paperwork on a dark/contrasting color hard surface i.e. wooden table
2. Take a clear in focus picture of each page you do not have to be very far from the paperwork just enough to get the whole page, best way is to just hover over the top of the page and then snap the picture, when I do this I like to put my phone on voice command so I do not have to move my hand and lose focus, I can keep it steady this way
3. After you have taken a good clean picture of each page open your email client app i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc and begin composing an email
4. after you have entered all the pertinent information in the email click the attachment paperclip and then find the pictures and attach them then hit the send button and all done.
  Client Information               Paperwork
The Services We Offer
All the services I offer are available for a modest fee it is a business after all but I have been told by people that I are very reasonable. My fees are determined by the factors involved in the event so there is no hard set fee base, every situation is different. Included in my fees when presented are the costs for materials I provide and those costs are built in and unchangable as it is impossible to negotiate with my vendors for the costs I get from them. (i.e. printing and manual building, transportation costs, etc.) Please click the button below to go to my store or contact me regarding my fees for the indiviual services you are interested in.
  1. 1
    Namings & Blessings
    I will come out in person or by distance if you prefer and bless your new addition, in whatever faith tradition suits your lifestyle. I will also come out in person or via distance and perform baby naming ceremonies, these ceremonies by and large are Pagan in nature, but can easily be adapted to be of another faith influence. Namings are after all an official presentation of the child to the Source and the world.
  2. 2
    House Blessings
    I offer house blessings for that new or old home or old-new home, if you are feeling like your home needs a blessing than I can do it. Blessings are simple invitations for spiritual positivity and will not sever any spiritual ties to the property for that you need a cleansing, which we also do.
  3. 3
    Graduation Blessings
    Is your child graduating from high school or college or perhaps you yourself are graduating and you need that special blessing for that special milestone in your life. These are not limited to High School.
  4. 4
    House Cleansings
    This differs from a blessing in that I clear the space of negativity and cut spiritual connections also called Cutting the Ties, This should be done before a blessing is done as blessings are simply invitations of positivity and not a clearing of the space. Without a cleansing being done, having someone bless your home is like pouring soap on a shirt then wearing it but not bothering to wash it, and then expecting it to not stink.
  5. 5
    Premarital Education
    I offer an 8 hour course in Healthy Marriage Education commonly called premarital counseling and am approved by the state of Tennessee under TCA §63-22-204 as a Representative of a Religious Institution. The healthy marriage education course imparts certain benefits that a couple who does not take the course is not afforded. The classes are a mix of a couple different things like the PREP and For Better Forever systems, and my years of experience.
  6. 6
    Custom Weddings
    I offer fully custom wedding ceremonies, written especially for each couple. I sit down and hash out all that a couple may want to include then offer suggestions based on our years of experience and expertise. I specialize in Same-Sex marriages and believe and uphold that it is everyone's right to get married regardless of whom they may be.
  7. 7
    Funeral Services
    Experiencing that dark time of loss? I handle funeral or end of life celebration services from the Chapel to the Grave, and can be from Christian to Pagan to completely non-religious depending on what the family needs are, after all the funeral is for the living not the dead. Has that funeral already taken place but your loved one needs a crossing over ritual I do those as well, crossing overs are for the dead not the living so yes I can handle it all.
  8. 8
    I offer Reiki Healing sessions both in person and via distance. I also teach Reiki classes in Shamballa Reiki, Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki, and Reiju Reiki. Classes range from Practitioner to Master-Teacher level, using both symbols and pure energy transference depending on the tradition, with Attunements.
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Cancellation Policy

All services are invoiced; I accept all major credit cards including prepaid, and rewards cards, I also take paypal, and of course cash but if you must pay by check then there is a 14-day hold on the check before services can even be scheduled, there is a $30.00 returned check charge, and unfortunately the societal climate has dictated that we pursue and prosecute all returned checks that are not reconciled within 45 days to the fullest extent of the law. Cancellations up to 72 hours of the event will incur a $25 cancellation fee for all services except Reiki classes which has a $125 cancellation fee, all cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to Once your scheduled event hits the 72 hour mark up to the start of the event there will be a 60% late cancellation fee assessed, once the start time of the event has passed there will be NO refunds issued regardless of the circumstances. If late fees are not paid for societal climate dictates that I refer it to my attorney and report it to your credit as a bad debt and all unpaid fees will incur a 35% finance charge every 25 days until the fees are paid or arrangements for payment are made and the first arranged payment is made.