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Dr. Vincent Hill

Ministry is a calling it isn't a job or a dream or even a desire it is a call upon one's life by the Source. (I will not argue who or what the Source is but you can feel free to substitute that with deity or God if that makes it easier for you to process what I am trying to state) To minister means to attempt to meet the needs of or fill the void of another. These needs can be as simple as just a few kind words at the right moment all the way through to holding the hand of a dying individual. We as ministers must act with compassion but we also hold a responsibility to the public trust to not allow for people to take advantage of a situation that we have been approached to be involved in.  People hold great confidence in a "man" who calls themself a minister and we should and are therefore held to a greater responsibility with the public trust.

I come from a deeply religious and spiritual family and have been a minister since 1992 when I answered the call of the Gods on my life in an open air tabernacle at Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp, originally Southern Baptist, then Independent Baptist, then Christo-Pagan, Pagan and now Interfaith. I have practical life experience, schooling, and training in various religious studies from The Crown College of the Bible in Powell, TN an Independent Baptist College, A Doctorate from the education department of the ULC Modesto and training as a 3rd Degree Wiccan High Priest and as a Druid with the Reformed Druids of Gaia. I hold ordinations from multiple faith based organizations beginning with the Progressive Universal Life Church in 2001, the Universal Life Church Modesto, CA in 2003 & Universal Life Church Monastery  in 2006, the Church of Seven Planes in 2008 (former Bishop with the church stepped down in 2014 due to health concerns), the American Marriage Ministries in 2015, and the Church of Spiritual Humanism in 2016, I have sought out various ordinations in order to meet the faith needs of my individual clients who expressed a sincere desire to have an officiant with their particular faith credentials. When I give the state approved healthy marriage education classes (formerly known as premarital counseling and I am approved under TCA §63-22-204 as a Representative of a Religious Institution) they can range from traditional Christian to completely secular according the needs of the couple but usually are a blending of approaches. Every marriage I perform is a custom written ceremony with or without custom vows written by me, no matter if it is a straight-line traditional Christian Holy Matrimony, a Pagan Union, a Celtic Handfasting (either traditional non-legal year and a day or modern, single cord to 7 cord), Humorous with humorous vows, or a simple non-religious Civil Union (I specialize in Same-Sex Marriages and Unions as I am also a member of the LGBT community). I will also perform poly-amorous commitment ceremonies if it is so desired but these unions require counseling by me beforehand. I have been a Reiki Master-Teacher for 8 years, and am certified in multiple different reiki systems, and I do both "in person"* and "distance" healings. I also offer classes with attunements from Beginning Practitioner Level to Master-Teacher Level in Shamballa Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho-Usui Shiki Ryoho, Ascension Reiki, & Reiju Reiki systems.

At one time these were one entity but separated due to philosophical differences and they both maintain that I have an ordination through them but on different dates; some of the churches are now defunct but ordinations are given for life unless specifically denounced by the church for illegal (whether it be juris prudence law or church law) or documented unethical activities. 
*Local to the Baytown, Texas and East Side of Houston area going up to the East edge of the 610 loop this is for "in person" Reiki healings only, all other services are in the Greater Houston regional area exceptions can be made contact to find out.

Church Links: www.ulchq.com, www.ulc.net, www.themonastery.org, www.spiritualhumanism.org, www.sevenplanes.org. www.theamm.org
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