Interfaith Life Events

Interfaith Life Events 4 You is about ministering to people in those memorable moments of life for people who may or may not have a regular faith leader in their lives for these moments. I am not a brick and mortar traditional faith organization, and I offer both "in person" and "distance" access for most of my services. I use "with" instead of "by" because I believe that I am on this journey "with" my clients, walking the path side-by-side rather than standing at a sales counter offering a product to random strangers, in other words I feel invested in the lives I touch. Take a moment and check out the site and maybe I can come along with YOU on your journey. 
And Now A word from the Minister.....
Meeting Your Needs
If you have a "Life Event" need, then perhaps I am who YOU are looking for!
You've heard the old addage "Have gun will travel" well that is me only in this case the gun is the Spirit, and it dwells with in us all and the Spirit will definately travel.
Years Of Experience
My ministry began in  early June of 1992
​I have both practical experience with being interfaith as well as years of study, 30+ years of study in fact, ranging  from Conservative Christian to Pagan and even a bit of agnosticism. I am able to adapt to the beliefs of my clients and not allow my own personal beliefs to dominate over the services I offer but rather I taylor everthing to the beliefs and needs of each individual client representing the true interfaith spirit.
Rev. Hill made our special day absolutely amazing with the perfectly written ceremony, we even asked him to write us humorous vows and he nailed it completely with the best vows ever, and he incorporated the Christian Sand Ceremony seamlessly into our wedding, recommending the perfect colors of sand. He is a consummate professional from the first consultation till the end of the reception, representing himself as a true interfaith minister, and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring a minister for those special milestones in their lives.

֍ Jessica Gore ֍   A Custom Wedding Bride ​10/30/2015 
He is the Real Deal! Be Good to Yourself and Do Yourself a Favor, Listen and Learn from the Best of the Best!  Whenever Bishop Hill takes on a project it is impeccably done, and He covers every detail and it is done with style, class, and professionalism. I have known Bishop Vincent Hill for over a decade and I have found him to be well read, extremely intelligent, knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics, and an encyclopedia of practical, productive, and positive life enhancing counseling.  He is an excellent spiritual counselor and teacher, mentor and guide, on topics of spiritual theory and metaphysical studies. Bishop Hill sincerely cares, when and if he decides to invest his time into helping you become "Your Highest Self". He will be tough but fair and does expect you to utilize the tools He shares with You. In other words, He expects You to learn by "Doing The Work," and He knows it would not be in Your Best Interest for him to do Your work for You, they are Your lessons to learn. He is honest in his proficiencies and will refer you to other knowledgeable leaders if what you are needing is not in his field of expertise. I feel very Blessed and Honored to have walked part of my journey to the Center with Bishop Hill as one of my most trusted advisors and I can assure You, your life will be enhanced while under his tutelage. As a Tarot Reader You will not find a more honest and straightforward true Seer of the Past, Present, and Future, now He may not tell you want you want to hear but he will always tell you what You need to Hear and what the universal forces are telling him it is time to share with You! 

֍ Lady Mary E. Stafford ֍
3rd Degree High Priestess, 
"Lady of the Craft"
and A Bishop of the Church of Seven Planes
Reverend Hill was a life saver for us, our wedding was on the July 4th holiday and we needed a minister in a pinch and he was there for us without hassle or hesitation, just a friendly “When and Where and I'll be there.”  He wrote our ceremony in a manner that was perfect for us, I wanted simple but special and it needed to blend both our beliefs and Reverend Hill achieved all of that and more, the suggested readings made me and my husband cry in a good way. Not only was he able and willing to perform our wedding on a major holiday but he did our Twogether in Texas counseling session with almost no notice sometimes meeting with us late at night. His class hit on the things that every couple needs like problem solving, communication and conflict management as well as advice on how to establish our new family traditions. I would recommend him to everyone that needs to take the state approved class in Texas, as well as recommend his custom wedding services to every couple. You will find him to be a bit unconventional but always professional, communicating through the various channels available, Facebook, email, telephone whatever method that you need in order to create that special moment.

֍ Virginia Rutledge ֍
A Custom Wedding Bride